In Hellfire Forever!


The people of hellfire cannot handle the pain

So what they do?
they call on the keepers of hellfire to give them a break for a day

The people of hellfire say, “Just tell Allah to give us a break for one day. That’s all we want. Just one day rest”
The keepers of hellfire reply them, “Didn’t you guys get messengers and prophets? to tell you about what to do”
The people of hellfire say, “Yes we did”
The keepers of hellfire say, “So ask whatever you want. No one will answer your dua!”

So, the people of hellfire don’t know what to do
Then they call on the big keeper of hellfire, Malik.
They keep on calling on this angel named Malik for 1000 YEARS

The people of hellfire call on Malik, “Ya Malik…Ya Malik…Ya Malik”
Malik say, “What do you want?”
The people of hellfire say, “Ya Malik, tell Allah to kill us! just end this! we can’t take it anymore”
Malik give them simple answer, “You are staying it, forever!”

So, their last resort is what?
to call on Allah. So, they will call on Allah

The people of hellfire say, “ us. We admit, we were very bad people. take us out of it. and we promise, if we do bad again, then throw us in it”

The scholars say, this one of the toughest punishments of hellfire when Allah responds back at them,
Then their lips are sealed


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