Let’s talk about GOD

After finishing our group coursework, I randomly asked my friend about GOD. I keep his name in secret, so let just call him DC.
And the light conversation begin.

Me: “Hey, do you want to talk about GOD?”
DC: “Sure.”
Me: “Seriously?”
DC: “Yeah, of course.”
Me: “Are you a religious person?”
DC: “Yes, I am.” (smiling)

As we walked out the library, we started talking about The Supreme Being, GOD.

DC: “So, what do you want to talk about Him?”
Me: “I don’t know. Let us start with ‘Are you feeling comfortable by believing Him?'”.
DC: “Yep. You know what, human are naturally born to worship something. It is just within us.”
Me: “Do you mean something like money or power perhaps?”
DC: “Exactly.”
Me: “So what is the difference between worshiping money (or power) and worshiping GOD?”
DC: “Well, money or power can run out but not GOD.”
Me: “Do you mean we would rather worship something infinite than just finite?”
DC: “Exactly.”

A silent moment for a couple of seconds as we walked up the stairs.

Me: “You know what, it is nice always to have someOne you can rely on all the time. Especially at your darkest moment.”
DC: “It is true, man. I don’t know what are those atheists thinking. I cannot imagine myself without GOD.”
Me: “So, you have never been an atheist?”
DC: “Never, man. I am a Christian. I go to the Church every Sunday.”
Me: “Ok.” (smiling)

We need to cross the road. While waiting for the green light, he starts the conversation again.

DC: “I saw this debate between two groups of Professors who believe and disbelieve in GOD. They kept throwing arguments at each other about GOD’s existence.”
Me: “And.. what was the conclusion?”
DC: “Nothing. They were Professors.”
(Both laughing)
DC: “The disbelievers threw an argument about Darwinian theory..”
Me: “Oh, not that again. I am not a monkey.”
DC: “Yeah. They got confused when asked ‘what will human evolve to when they are already a human?'”
Me: “Angel?”
DC: “Maybe.” (smiling)
Me: “You know what, Darwin hate this type of bird. I forgot the name. We have it in my country. They have a gorgeous tail.”
DC: “Do you mean Peacock?”
Me: “Yes. Darwin said that creatures evolve and develop wings to fly. This bird has wings but cannot fly; it became a prove that his theory is wrong.”
DC: “Even a smart person like Darwin didn’t look like it when he told people about this theory. It is unacceptable. It is just wrong.”

This is the last junction, and we need to separate.

DC: “You see, our body is too complex to be created randomly or by itself. Like big bang theory. How can everything suddenly there and creates themselves?”
Me: “Yeah, if chaos theory is correct, then one day a tornado could create a sophisticated jet plane after wrecking junkyards.”
DC: “Perhaps.” (grinning)
Me: “Maybe atheists don’t care if GOD exists or not. They just don’t want to be burdened by the responsibility to worship Him.”
DC: “Yeah, maybe. OK, I’ll see you tomorrow then. Don’t forget to compile our work tonight.”
Me: “I won’t. Cheers.”

That is all. Then I walked home.


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